Good Sports and Club Policies Information Page.       

Good Sports Media Release  

Taylors Lakes Recreation Club have achieved Level 3 Good Sports Accreditation.  This involves setting policies and standards consistent with the Good Sports Guidelines and making sure the Recreation Club as a whole adopts and supports those policies in the interest of our members and our juniors.

Good Sports Accreditation Letter 2015 

The Good Sports programme is an initiative of the Australian Drug Foundation to promote healthy and safe cultures across all sports in Australia.

To assist Clubs Good Sports have provided the following Fundraising Kit to assist the Club financially and reduce the reliance on income generation from bar sales and alcohol related events.   

  Fund Raising Resource Kit

Good Sports also provide information to Clubs on a range of issues, one of importance for Clubs with Junior members now approaching adult ages is the Look After Your Mates Programme .

Look After Your Mates Brochure.


The Recreation Club have adopted the following policies:

  Alcohol Management Policy

Safe Transport Policy

Smoke Free Policy    

 Spectator Participation Policy

Working With Children Check Procedure